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Real sea glass jewelry. Unaltered.

I have always viewed sea glass as a mystery. What was it before, and how did it arrive on shore? And how did I find these bits of history? Many coastal communities used to dump their trash in the ocean and I have walked on a few of them.

I use sea glass ‘as found.’ No alterations of any kind. It is what I call ‘jewelry grade’ sea glass. I search for it, find it, and then use these treasures to make jewelry. This is a ‘closed’ loop process. I have taken a few classes, but chiefly, I am self-taught.

With the advent of plastics and more awareness of the environment, sea glass is becoming harder to find. And due to its popularity, more people are looking for it!

I am open to teaching various techniques and have done so with acquaintances in New Bern.



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