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Real sea glass jewelry. Unaltered.

Sea glass is a mystery.  What was it before, and how did it arrive at this beach?  From discarded bottles to things dumped from a ship, literally someone’s trash has become a real treasure.  There are many coastal communities that used to dump their trash into the oceans. With the advent of plastics, and more awareness of how to treat those beautiful waters, sea glass is much harder to find these days. And because more people are looking for it, finding some genuine beach glass is much harder.  There are people who ‘manufacture’ sea glass.  Beware.  Look for the ‘frosting’ on anything you consider purchasing.  If it is not there, it is not the real thing.  enjoy a great walk on a lovely beach and you may be lucky and find a piece or two.

There are pieces of Cory’s work at the Bank of the Arts Gallery.



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