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Gemstone, Pearl & Glass Jewelry Artist

Established in 2004, Heart’s Desire Jewelry is an New Bern-based boutique design studio single-handedly run by award-winning artist Ann Marie Hodrick.

Ann Marie was raised in an artistic home. From sewing and crafting as a child, to painting, drawing, and metalsmithing in high school. In college, her love of art and design took her to New Orleans, where she continued her studies and explored ceramics, printmaking, and fiber art at Loyola University.

Ms. Hodrick is committed to seeking out materials that are remarkably unique, so that she can craft jewelry that tells a story of intrigue, interest, and inspiration. Every element surprises her and captures her attention, whether it’s a rare gemstone, a shimmering pearl, or other exotic elements like ancient fossils and artifacts.  She is fascinated by color and textures, often drawing on everyday experiences like bright hues from blossoms in a garden, the shapes in a cityscape or the way waves on the ocean catch the sunlight.

Using responsibly-sourced, high-quality natural stones and rare organic elements, Ann Marie Hodrick creates necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that not only look good, but they make you feel good, too.



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