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Pastel Artist

Chris Carroll has been painting with watercolor and sketching with charcoal since she was very young. She has always enjoyed being with artists, taking classes, and trying different techniques and mediums.

Now Chris is absorbing pastel painting with yummy soft pastels and many different kinds of sanded and plain paper. The practice has turned into a passion for painting with pastels and the feel of the pastel color gliding across the paper to build up colors in skin and hair, greens and purples in a forest scene, and lots of blues in the sky and water in an evening scene. All the different papers that are now available to pastel painters make it even more exciting and challenging.

She is a member of TRAA in New Bern, the Piedmont Pastel Society, and the Appalachian Pastel Society. Stop by and check out her work at the Harrison Center, and ask her about pastel painting.




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