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  • On the day of the tour,
    Donna will be in her studio at 323B Creative.

Contemporary Realism

Working primarily in colored pencils I create contemporary realism works featuring a straightforward approach to representational art. Observing closely, Slade has a desire to capture and portray a series of objects and their physical appearance in reality.

Coming from a background in art direction, graphic design and illustration, Slade makes use of dramatic lighting, strong composition and a full range of values. Working from dark to light with a process of applying 30-40 layers of color, she can produce a bold and vibrant painterly effect.

International Artist Magazine Feature – Grand Prize Winner People & Figures Challenge
Art Collectors Magazine Feature Article
Strokes of Genius 9, Best of Drawing Inspiring Subjects, F+W Media, Inc. NY
The Best of Colored Pencil Society of America Signature Showcase, Crane Dance Publications
Colored Pencil Treasures Colored Pencil Masterworks Around the Globe, Ann Kullberg, WA, USA
Colored Pencil Treasures Volume, I, II, III, IV, V, Ann Kullberg, WA, USA
The Best of American Pastel Artists & Artisans

Former Co-Owner of Fine Art at Baxters Fine Art Galelry, New Bern, NC
Signature Member, Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA) – (10-year International Exhibitions)
North Carolina Colored Pencil Chapter 114 (Past President)
North Carolina Pastel Society of North Carolina (Past President)
North Carolina Triangle Artist Guild
International Guild of Realism
North Carolina Craven Arts Council and Gallery