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  • On the day of the tour,
    at her home studio in Pier Pointe, River Bend.

Watercolor artist & Pyrography

Sandy Bruno creates images reflecting the emotion of the moment.

She has a BA in Art History, with a dual minor in English and Studio Art. While living in Berlin, Germany she studied oil painting at the Technical University and led art tours throughout the city.

She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Craven Arts Council and the Community Artists Gallery where she exhibits her work. Sandy has painted 8 of the downtown New Bern Bears and was on the original Bear Committee started in 2007. She has studied under Miles Batt, Tony Couch, Jeff Jakob, Skip Lawrence, Dan Nelson and Ryan Fox.

Recently, Sandy took a series of classes in the fine art of Pyrography (wood burning) which is both challenging and thoroughly satisfying!


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