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Annalee Ash


Product Description

Landscape Artist

Annalee is a landscape artist painting in oil and cold wax. Her greatest achievements in her art career to date is being awarded a 2022 grant from the North Carolina Arts Council to continue her pursuit of mastering plein air landscapes that are sanctuary spaces to soothe  and lighten one’s spirit; she also received an Honorable Mention for her oil and cold wax landscape, Hameau Creek, shown at the Twin Rivers Art Association Exhibit at Bank of the Arts – May 2022; and she was selected as the July-September 2022 Emerging Artist in the Community Artists Gallery & Studio (CAGS) Annex, her first solo exhibit.

Annalee’s career in Design & Decorative Arts for 25 years and Hospitality for 25 years allowed her to sporadically take a painting workshop every decade, and to put her passion for creating art full time on hold until she retired. Covid retired her and the excuses.  Annalee’s intention is to place her works in places of healing or where healing is needed; to bring the calming sea, sky and landscapes that surround us into the forefront whether it be in our homes, our places of work or where we find solace, a spot to be calm, meditate, and exhale deeply.

Annalee paints plein air and in Studio 7, with potters, printmakers and fabric artists. She has attended three plein air workshop retreats with Susan Nicholas and has been inspired by the art of Wolf Kahn, Kevin Fitzgerald, April Gornik, Kippy Hammond, Ann Dodys and the many plein air artists that have embraced New Bern Plein Air.