Paula Hissett


Product Description

Weaver and Dyer

Paula Hissett began her weaving journey with classes from a local studio.  Since then, she is constantly expanding her repertoire, growing from simple towels and scarves to intricate patterns and color combinations.  Her work is a combination of fiber arts, including, but not limited to:  weaving, dyeing and knitting.  

To that end, Paula is constantly exploring the design capacities of her looms, in order to showcase beautiful yarns. She also will create a keepsake rug from your old, but precious t-shirts.

And then … there’s dyeing!  Paula is continually investigating the many ways dye may be added to cloth.  Indigo … ice … researching fancy folds to guide the dye and create mandala effects.

Paula is a member of Seacoast Spinners and Weavers Guild, the MidAtlantic Fiber Association and the Handweavers Guild of America.  

Her work may also be seen at the Community Artists’ Gallery and Studios in New Bern.