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Chris Carroll


Product Description

Portrait Artist Pastels/Mixed Media

Chris loves drawing with charcoal and pastels, and painting figures and portraits.  Getting the likeness of a person sitting for her, or from a photo is her greatest goal. Chris also loves nature – being outside painting on her porch, in a friend’s garden, or in the park – is always a great way to work with light and shadows.  

She has been painting with watercolor for many years and found pastels from an artist friend. They added a new dimension to her painting, the colors are so rich and rewarding. She sometimes uses watercolor or acrylic as an underpainting, and that has given her paintings a lovely depth and stability.

Her work is shown at the Bank of the Arts through membership of the Twin Rivers Art Association. She will also be showing her work at the library in town.

Chris has had the pleasure of teaching drawing and watercolor to all ages and looks forward to teaching pastels.